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Noctophobia – Fear of Darkness

Noctophobia is the irrational fear of darkness and / or the night. Not only minors suffer from noctophobia but also adults. If you do so as well you should make the first step today & cure your anxiety disorder and discuss your fear with us.

We believe that noctophobia (the fear of darkness) is pretty common in our modern society. Especially children seem to suffer from this anxiety disorder but adults do so as well.

Where does noctophobia come from and what does it mean? How did you develop your fear of darkness and are you willing to overcome it? Many questions and hopefully a few satisfying answers!

Unlike the caricature on the right shows you are not in an ‘inverted world’ when the lights are out at night. That would mean you can at least see something although it would still not be reality…

Understanding Noctophobia

Well, most panic attacks from noctophobia come when it’s pitch-black outside or in your room.

But why do you fear darkness at all? As we already stated for gatophobia and arachnophobia some time ago, most anxiety disorders are about your loss of control or your very fear of losing it. And yes, that is indeed irrational. Let’s face it: When you switch out the lights nothing changes. It’s darker than before but that’s it. There is nothing bad going to happen. Yet you claim to suffer from fear of darkness.

We believe there is a strong connection between darkness, void and the unknown. All of the three terms are related to a state of mind where you are forced to concentrate on your ‘inner world’. Imagination. Fantasy.

In fact that is exactly the entry point for most phobias and anxiety disorders that result in seemingly uncontrollable panic attacks: Your fantasy. Your imagination.

Noctophobia is About Mind-Control

Even when you close your eyes you are most likely to see things. Unfortunately many people see bad things when they close their eyes. Those who suffer from noctophobia tend to leave the lights switched on when they go to bed. They stare into their room and combat fatique until they cannot resist any longer and fall asleep.

A lot of noctophobic people do not only suffer from panic attacks but also from insomnia (sleep disorder) – another good reason to get rid off your phobia right now!

So we conclude: Noctophobia has to do with your visual ‘control center’, perhaps the eyes as organs or just your fantasy (your 3rd eye as some would describe it).

Staying awake with the lights switched on seems to help from panic attacks – yes, it does and it’s a proven method of not getting along with it but letting anxiety become a irresistable part of your precious life. In fact it’s just a bad habit which results from your visual ‘control center’ being overcharged with information (mostly bad information which has been transferred from consciousness to sub-consciousness).

Overcome Your Fear of Darkness

We now want to provide you with some important info about the most effective techniques to handle with any kind of anxiety disorder and / or sudden panic attacks from noctophobia: Click here to read on.

If you decided to follow this article instead – fine. Our solution is less expensive (zero dollars) and is ready to be consumed by any fellow reader right here and right now.

We stated that noctophobia has to do with your thoughts and with your control over your thoughts. If you put it all together you’ll find a pretty simple solution in about 10 seconds flat!

No? It’s really simple. You have to take back control over your bad thoughts and maneuver them where they belong – into your imaginary trash bin. No bad thought has ever proven to be of any use. So get rid off them first to get rid off noctophobia.

The second part is the fun part of our solution for irrational fear of darkness. After putting the bad thoughts into the trash bin you’ve got a lot of ‘mind real estate’ which has to be stuffed with thoughts that let you relax and feel good!

Enjoy The Night And Your Fantasy

While a noctophobic person is seeking for light and distracting thoughts to not suffer from the fear of darkness (void & the unknown [bad thoughts]) a totally relaxed and healthy person is going to enjoy the darkness because only the pitch-black canvas provides the ‘mind real estate’ he or she needs to draw fantastic images – which ultimately lead to healthy sleep!

If this all sounds like a joke to you, we’re sorry. It might be because we do not really know (how should we?) what makes you feel bad at night that you fear your own thoughts. Some fear their financial problems, others their problems with their marriage and some react with (noctophobic) panic attacks to all sort of problems!

We recommend visiting this resource (PanicAway.com – a website providing you with a proven method of curing all sort of panic attacks and anxiety disorders) to finally claim ownership of (1) your thoughts, (2) your consciousness and (3) your good night’s sleep.

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